ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Today’s feature in our GRE WHY ROC segment is on the new partnership promoting a local business and working towards a greener future.

Wegmans recently picked “Roc Paper Straws” as it’s a companywide supplier of paper straws.

Karrie Laughton has owned a bar in town for two decades then she launched the new straw business last year. Laughton explained to News 8 Sunrise anchor Brennan Somers what took her to this new venture.

“I saw the video of the turtle with a straw up its nose in 2018 and I was devastated and was like I’m part of this problem, part of the plastic straw problem,” Laughton added. “I switched to paper and that took me down a rabbit hole of trying to find a great straw and I couldn’t so I decided to make my own.”

Wegmans tested out the straws at two of its restaurants to get feedback and the company says they were an immediate hit. It switched from an old supplier out of Arizona to the Rochester-based company.