Visual Dx CEO & Co-Founder Art Papier discussed the Rochester based company and its growth in our Why ROC conversation Wednesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

Papier said Visual Dx creates software to help doctors improve diagnosis.  It’s used at the point of care by physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical students and residents.  It’s used to help establish a diagnosis, therapy, treatment ideas and patient education.

Visual Dx was started over a decade ago and Papier said today it is used in over 1,500 hospitals and large clinics across the country, and around the world.

Papier said Visual Dx started with bringing visual recognition, dermatology, oral medicine, and ophthalmology to non-dermatologists.  It has now expanded to include any chief complaint or symptom.  He said a patient can come in with a difficult issue like double vision and the family physician now has an expert over the shoulder.  The doctor can enter symptoms the patient is experiencing and establish a more accurate differential diagnosis, which means the spectrum of of diagnostic possibilities.  The result is a quicker, more complete answer right at the point of care.

Visual Dx moved its headquarters into downtown Rochester last summer.  Papier said Rochester has been the perfect community to support Visual Dx with a world class medical center and tons of imaging expertise.

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