ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A talent recruitment company is looking to make a large impact in Downtown Rochester as they expand their business. FTS Inc. specializes in Accounting, Finance and Professional Services, Construction and Technology.

Thomas Carpitella, the CEO of FTS Inc., said the demand for their services continues to increase as the talent market gets more and more competitive, especially after the pandemic.

“The race for that talent has never really been more difficult for really any organization of any size,” Carpitella said. “The pandemic forced both employers and the entire workforce to really reshape its image and the way it operates. What worked in 2019, simply just doesn’t really work in today’s environment.”

This year, FTS Inc. made the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies. Carpitella said the company has a unique approach to engaging talent with what he calls “contrarian philosophies.”

“Our unique approach to engaging that talent in our what I call ‘contrarian philosophies’ around how we actually run and grow our firm here is highly conducive to what the market was and is looking for and our expectation and commitment is to continue to make those deep investments back into business to what I believe to become the, the largest firm this region has ever seen.

FTS Inc. has been headquartered in Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts since 2017, but they are relocating to Downtown near Parcel 5. Carpitella said their goal is to be a major player in the center of the city, where people want to be.

“We wanted to continue our investment back in the local downtown community, with this time a much larger footprint in our new space,” Carpitella. “We love it here. We’ve always loved it here, we want to be a part of the expansion that’s happening downtown, we feel like something special is happening.”

As they continue to expand, Carpitella said FTS Inc. is extra focused on attracting the best talent, which means doubling down on their workplace culture and impact.

“Talent today really wants to work for mission-driven organizations with unique cultures and attention to optimizing not only their own employee experience, but all stakeholders that they touch,” Carpitella said.

“We believe it’s all about culture and impact. The more as an employer you sort of nail that story, and know how to implement those experiences in day-to-day life, we feel the more attractive you’ll actually be.”

As FTS Inc. grows, Carpitella said they are focused on getting people back into the office to work, but in order to do that, he says you have to give them a reason to want to come back.

“We believe here the ability to be collaborative with one another, the ability to build social capital and trust, and to really be in a position to build truly meaningful relationships with your teammates and managers, we feel like that’s done best in person at the office,” Carpitella said.

However, Carpitella recognizes that remote flexibility is here to stay in the workplace and says employers who want the best talent, have to consider offering this.

“That looks different for each employee, so it’s also your responsibility as the employer to understand what flexibility means to each employee you have,” Carpitella said. “As an employer, you also have to give people reasons to come back into the office, that’s one of the reasons why we’re making significant investments into enhancing and optimizing our in office.”