SunCommon CEO Kevin Schulte discussed his company’s rapid growth Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation on News 8 at Sunrise.

SunCommon was recently ranked #1 on Rochester list of fastest growing companies. “We have become the largest solar installer in Western New York,” said Schulte. “So we install residential solar on your roof or in your backyard. We install commercial solar for large businesses and institutions. And we’re now installing community solar, where we build large solar farms and deliver the power to residences that couldn’t put solar at their own home.”

Schulte said there are a couple of factors fueling SunCommon’s uncommon growth. “We like to say that the future of solar is now. Our product is simply better and cheaper than the alternative. So you can continue to buy power from the utility if you want, or you can buy power from us,. That’s green power, carbon free, no waste, and it’s cheaper than what you would be paying your utility. We have focused on being a triple bottom line company – people, profit and planet – and since that’s become part of our pitch to the community it’s been extremely well received. We also adopted in 2016 a community outreach approach to marketing. We’re knocking on doors, organizing community events. We’ve grown our marketing and sales team from two people in January of 2016 to roughly 16 now.”

SunCommon has leveraged several assets in the Rochester region to grow its footprint and business. “We look at it two ways,” Schulte said. “One, we look at it and say, look, this is a growing economy. We are in the process of replacing what are the former titans of our economy with small business, with new entrepreneurial efforts in food services, in breweries and distilleries, and all of these different things, new forms of entertainment are popping up. So you have this growth economy where people can pick up this product and get cheaper power than they would otherwise, that would otherwise be available to them. And then the second side of it is, what an amazing and talented workforce that we have here to grow our business. So we are bringing people in from MCC, RIT, U of R, all of these amazing colleges and universities here locally that help us grow, so we look at that and that’s amazing. And then also the skilled labor force as well. We use all local electricians. Working with local partners we’re using local supply houses. We had about a dozen of our suppliers and other vendors on the Top 100 list, so that was exciting for us to be able to focus on how much of our business is being built with local friends.”

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