ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The business community in Rochester is ever-growing and many existing businesses are now expanding, including IT Insights, a locally-based, outsourced IT company.

Vice President of Business Development for the company, Chris Bierasinski explains they work for small businesses that can’t necessarily host their own IT company. IT Insights will come in and provide the same services an in-house IT team would, but at a lower price tag.

Bierasinski said the recent expansion they went through was necessary because their services were needed locally.

“We found there was a lot of stagnation in the marketplace. And our new model is a lot leaner and more agile than our competitors, so that was a big play. It helped reduce a lot of bloat that companies were seeing with their IT budgets. Secondly, the Great Rochester Enterprise and the Economic Gardening program really helped enlighten us on how we could open new doors and start new channels of communication with small business leaders in Rochester,” Bierasinski said.

The IT company has decided to not only stay in Rochester but to expand there too because of the home-grown resources.

“Rochester has a lot of great things to offer to us. First, the educational foundation in the Rochester area is great. 50% of our employees come from either UR or RIT. And Rochester, as a whole, has a really great foundation for education,” Bierasinski said.

For other business leaders looking to strengthen their systems the way IT Insights was able to, Bierasinski recommends finding an experienced partner who can assist in whatever means necessary.

“Business leaders can’t be expected to keep up with changing trends and developing technologies, so having a partner who can help coach you through that process can be really, really great. Secondly, is being proactive and not reactive. It can save a major headache if you’re preventing disasters instead of trying to respond to those disasters,” Bierasinski said.

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