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Why ROC: Datto’s expansion


Datto Chief Experience Officer Emily Glass discussed the company’s growth and expansion in Rochester during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation Wednesday on News 8 at Sunrise.

“Our CEO, Austin McChord, founded the company ten years ago now, so it’s our ten-year anniversary this year, and we’re really excited about that,” said Glass. “What we do is that we build products that help keep businesses running. It’s a really technical product. But what it does, it really does help companies keep going if they are faced with a disaster, or maybe they delete something that they shouldn’t have. So, we have a suite of products that helps them keep their businesses running, no matter what circumstances they might be enduring. And the ‘secret sauce,’ or the secret piece that people might not know, or have heard about us — even though we are growing really fast — is that we sell thorough the channel. Our customers are managed service providers, or MSPs for short, and we have a number of them in the Rochester area as well, and they really bring our products to those businesses and help them use Datto.”

The company is growing.  “We’ve made two acquisitions in recent years,” Glass noted. “We’ve expanded in the Boston area through the acquisition of Backupify, which is our cloud protection platform. Then we recently announced the acquisition of a networking company out in Portland. That’s really been fueling our growth as we add additional products to our portfolio. Then we’re also expanding internationally into Singapore and Australia last year. We have nine offices around the world now.”

That expansion also includes Rochester.  “It’s grown really quickly beyond our expectations,” Glass said of the local growth. “We started in 20-14. The Start-Up New York program was really instrumental in bringing Datto into Rochester and making it attractive for us. Austin McChord, our CEO, was an RIT grad, so he was familiar with the area. He was familiar with the strong, smart, hard-working technical talent coming out of the local colleges and universities. When we had the opportunity to open an office here, we definitely took advantage.”

Datto’s downtown Rochester offices are busy these days and the company is looking for new employees.  “We’re building out our spaces this year, so we’ll have ample space to hire into,” said Glass. “We are mostly focused on technical roles, so we have tech support. It’s really, really key for us in Rochester. It has grown incredibly. We have over a hundred and fifty people now, from nothing in 20-14.”

You can learn more about job openings at Datto by visiting the company website, click here.

Datto will also have an event on May 11th at ARTISANworks at five P-M for people who want to stop by and learn more about the company.

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