ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A local company continues to grow in part to changing demands from businesses and other groups it serves.

Raj Shah, the president of Convergent is our featured guest for this GRE WHY ROC segment.

Three years ago, he took over the family telecom business and put the company on a fast track to success. Part of That came about by adapting to the new way companies operate post-COVID.

“Telecom is back in vogue with people remote working and hybrid working and everybody being on video all the time I think got a little tiring so I think people really like that they can talk voice being in their cars with their phones and so on,” Shah explained. “Technology-wise it really moved more to cloud-based systems with more advanced features like having an app on their phone so they replicate they are calling from their business as opposed to their own personal phone. We see a lot of that today.”

Shah says that Rochester is still a “small town” and the feeling is that people would rather do business locally vs. support a multi-billion-dollar company elsewhere.

He also recently completed GRE’s Economic Gardening program. Learn more about that by watching the rest of the interview.