ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — 15 years ago, Bruce Murray started his wine making-venture with just a cornfield on the east side of Seneca Lake. He said there were no vines and no buildings but still thought, “let’s see if we could plant Riesling vines, and make wine that people want to drink.”

A decade and a half later, Murray runs a successful vineyard that produces award-winning wine.

Boundary Breaks Vineyard released its first wine in 2013. Today, they are in 25 states and make about 10,000 cases per year. While hard work and dedication are the cornerstones to any successful business, Murray says there’s another aspect working towards his success.

“We’re really fortunate to be in a good place to make good wine,” Murray said. “Grapes have been grown in the Finger Lakes area for more than 150 years. So, it’s a long history of grape growing. In the last 40 years though, grapes that are more popular had been planted and the wines being made from those grapes turned out to be really popular.”

Boundary Breaks’ Riesling wine was named one of Wine Spectators’ Top 100 wines. Murray said it’s an honor to receive such recognition.

“Wines coming out of the Finger Lakes deserve this kind of recognition,” Murray said. “I think they [the magazine] review 12,000 wines every year, they pick 100 and they try to pick wines from regions that they know are making consistently high-quality wines. In our case, it’s Riesling and that’s what we’re best known for.”

Murray explains while the wine from the area is something that will draw in visitors, there’s more to the Finger Lakes Region.

“I’d say within the last six to eight years, we’ve seen an enormous growth in visitors to the region. It’s not just the wine that people come to try but it’s also the outdoor recreation. Its history that is pretty colorful in the area. So between the entertainment, the wine, the outdoor recreation, we really live in a very attractive place,” Murray said.

Wines from Boundary Breaks Vineyard can be ordered online at or you can visit their tasting room at 1568 Porter Covert Road in Lodi, NY.

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