ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — We have a closer look at a company with headquarters in Rochester that’s connecting businesses with green technology.

Scott Nolen, president of Ambrell Corporation was a guest on Sunrise.

Ambrell is in the induction heating market. The way this works is kind of like putting a fork in the microwave, which is what you shouldn’t do at home.

However, in this field, that’s comparable to what they do. Customers reach out to Ambrell as they try to meet green campaign goals.

“They want to reduce CO2 emissions, get a better environmental footprint,” Nolen explained. “With the induction heating process, it only uses electricity, we don’t use any chemicals, we don’t produce any smoke, there’s no waste heat.”

Many of the things you use today are made with induction heating from parts for cars, airplanes, food, and semiconductors.

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