Plug Power has hundreds of job openings at its new facility in Henrietta


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Plug Power’s green business is creating the need to fill hundreds of jobs at its new $125 million Rochester Innovation Center/Giga Factory in Henrietta.

Daniel O’Connell, Plug Power’s General Manager for the Rochester Innovation Center/Giga Factory, discussed the new facility, its capability, and the need to fill those jobs Thursday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

O’Connell said the new facility will celebrate its grand opening ribbon cutting on Friday, November 12. “

We are very excited to be opening the world’s first and largest fuel cell and Electrolyzer Manufacturing Facility here in Rochester,” he said. “We’ll be expanding our capability to go from making the MEAs we make today, which is the core of a fuel cell, to making the complete fuel cell and electrolyzer stack. These products will go into mobility applications like forklifts, airport tugs, delivery trucks, tractor-trailers, and even aircraft in the next couple of years. They’ll also go into backup power applications like cell towers and data centers. This new facility will allow us to meet the growing demand for our fuel cell and electrolyzer products. It’s a greater than $100 million investment to bring engineering and manufacturing jobs here to Rochester.”

Plug Power is keenly aware of the continued focus on climate change and protecting our environment.

“All of our customers are looking to take their stationary and mobility applications out of the environmental debate by reducing their carbon footprint,” O’Connell said. “Major industrial companies around the world are looking for ways to reduce emissions from combusting gasoline, diesel, and natural gas in their products. Fuel cells running on green hydrogen are an excellent solution and all of our global customers are lining up to work with us. Plug Power is uniquely positioned in the industry as we are the only full-service provider who can not only provide zero-emission fuel cells for all of those applications but also the electrolyzers that produce the green hydrogen from green electricity.”

O’Connell said Plug Power has found a great home to expand its capabilities in the Rochester region.

“We are really fortunate to be located here in Rochester where we have a rich entrepreneurial spirit because Plug Power really is an entrepreneurial company. New York and Rochester offer Plug Power everything we need to succeed. We’ve got great support financially with a robust incentive package at the state and local level competitive around the country. We have tremendous colleges and universities providing capable candidates. We have significant human capital with a highly-skilled, high-tech workforce. We have a Robust supplier network and we have access to green electricity that we can run through our electrolyzers to make green hydrogen. Our business is booming and we’re hiring – we have hundreds of openings – so come join our team.”

O’Connell said job seekers will see some openings on the company website now, with more to come. Some will be posted generically with 20-30 openings per post.

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