ITX expands in Downtown Rochester


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — ITX Corp. is preparing for a new chapter as the company moves into The Metropolitan building in downtown Rochester.

CEO and founder Ralph Dandrea discussed the company’s evolving mission and the exciting new change Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“I started ITX in 1997 primarily as a way to give myself a diet of problems or interesting problems to work on,” Dandrea said with a smile. “I’ve surrounded myself with other problem solvers and it’s kind of taken off.”

Through the years Dandrea said the company has changed as technology has evolved. “We originally were more focused in the telecom industry, but information technology in telecom, then broadened that out quite a bit. Now we’re really more focused on building products for other companies, so delivering value propositions inside software.”

As the company has grown, it is preparing to move into The Metropolitan. “It’s a beautiful space,” said Dandrea. “We’re excited to go. Our team wants to be downtown. So, my commute just went from five minutes to 20, but I’m hopefully going to have a very happy team.”

ITX’s growth has been steady and strong. Dandrea said it has generally doubled every five years or so. “We’ve continued to grow just taking care of our existing customers and growing our client base. Our customers are spread out over 40 states now and we have team members in 13 or 14 states. It’s hard to keep track!”

The company is looking to add about 80 positions locally in the coming years – everything from administration, innovation managers, architects, designers, developers, and testers – everything related to software development. “Rochester is a great place,” Dandrea said. “I live here. I like having my family here. It’s a great place to raise your kids. Rochester has been good to us from a, from a services standpoint. New York state is — you take a lot of things for granted in New York state when you leave New York state even from the width of roads, guardrails, handrails on steps, things like that — and in business I think it’s the same. New York invests in his people. I’m very proud of that. I love the tuition assistance program. I used that actually going through school so I’m grateful to New York for that. Now we’re into another round, which is around building a business in New York.”

To learn more about ITX and career opportunities, visit the ITX website.

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