ComTec Solutions expanding, creating local jobs


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rochester founded ComTec Solutions will celebrate its 25th year in business with a major expansion in 2020.

ComTec Solutions President Rob Moyer discussed the company’s growth and commitment to Rochester Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“We are an IT managed services and ERP company,” said Moyer. “So we consider ourselves a business technology company.”

Moyer said ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. “It’s a software program for manufacturing companies to run their business from the front end of the house, all the way back to the financials.”

Several factors are driving the company’s growth and success. “On the IT managed service side, certainly cybersecurity is a big need for our customers in the small to mid-sized business platform,” noted Moyer. “On the manufacturing side, we’re seeing a lot of manufacturing start to come back to the States, and we’re seeing our manufacturing companies thrive. That’s allowed us to grow on that side of the business as well.”

Serving the customer is paramount. “We hire and make decisions in our business based on our core values,” Moyer said. “What I tell our people is we have a lot of highly skilled technical people that can be the smartest people in the world but if they don’t know how to talk to a customer, and really be at the customer’s level, then they’re probably not going to be a good fit at our company, so it’s very important to have that customer service.”

ComTec’s expansion will take place in Gates, at the site of its current facility. “We just purchased a new facility right in Gates, actually in the same business park that we’re currently in,” said Moyer. “It’s twice the size of our current facility. The reason Rochester? Technology companies, a lot of them, have a philosophy where they can hire people anywhere and have remote employees. We do have some remote employees around the country where needed, but I’m a firm believer in brick and mortar. Having people collaborate on a project together in our facility makes a big difference. We have smart people here in Rochester and certainly, the schools to support us as we bring young talent in. And a few months of the year, the weather is pretty good.”

Moyer added that last part with a smile.

As for the type of positions that will come with ComTec’s expansion, Moyer said they include a cybersecurity engineer, network engineers, manufacturing people who have been in the field for 10, 15, 20 years with a depth of knowledge and finance people on the financial side of the software side. “If it’s more on the consulting or on the software side, we’re looking for people with the business experience, and manufacturing or in finance,” he said. “If we’re looking for a network engineer or a cybersecurity engineer, we’re looking with somebody that’s really got the technical chops to be able to do it, but also be able to relate to the business owner or the stakeholders.”

To learn more, visit the ComTec Solutions website.

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