ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Carestream is adding about 70 positions as part of an expansion to Eastman Business Park in Rochester.

Carestream Operations Manager Tom Mykins discussed the jobs, the expansion, and the company’s commitment to Rochester Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“Carestream is committed to our customers,” said Mykins. “We have three finishing plants that we’re consolidating here into Eastman Business Park. So our three finishing plants around the world are going to help deliver high-quality products which are going to be more efficient to our customers. We will be starting that process this year. We are working through, over the next six months, ramping up and the good news with that is we’re going to be bringing more jobs into the area.”

Mykins explained Building 12 at Eastman Business Park will house the growing operation. “So today we make just our traditional dental films. Carestream, as you know, is comprised of both traditional films and digital, Here in Building 12 at Eastman Business Park we make just the traditional dental films. And we make about 200-thousand square meters of film per year here. We’re going to be bringing in our NDT films which is basically what is used to help detect x-rays off of airplanes or pipelines in the industry and then all of the medical imaging films. And with those combined efforts we’ll be growing ourselves to over 10-million square meters a year – so from 200-thousand to 10-million which is great. The manufacturing jobs that we’ll be looking for are actually production operator jobs. We’ll be looking for technical help, so skilled trades, quality folks because we do make medical products. So there will be a variety of jobs that are coming to the area with this.”

Carestream has a global presence. The decision to expand in Rochester represents a huge win for the community. Greater Rochester Enterprise helped facilitate the opportunity. “If you think about Rochester it’s really the people, right? So we’ve got a strong presence here of good support. We also worked with Greater Rochester Enterprise, GRE, and they introduced us to some New York State contacts which – also working with Monroe County and the City of Rochester – resulted in some great tax incentives that also helped put a great positive spin on the business case.”

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