Calero MDSL growing with new site in Rochester


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Local technology company Calero MDSL is creating new jobs as it prepares to expand its local presence with a new office on University Avenue in Rochester.

The company’s Executive Vice President of Product Management David Bliss discussed the growth and what’s fueling it Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“We’re really excited to continue growing in the area,” Bliss said. “At Calero MDSL, we provide software solutions to the world’s largest organizations, helping them manage telecom, technology, mobile, and cloud expenses and programs, helping to optimize those programs and ultimately help our customers focus on what matters most to them.”

Bliss said the upcoming move into Rochester is concurrent with job growth. “We’re growing quickly. We’ve hired 6 people just in January this year, with 20 job postings out there today. And this move helps us tap more into the growing technology scene in the city. With programs like R.I.T. and the University of Rochester creating this great talent with computer science degrees and all sorts of other qualifications in the area, it was a no-brainer to help continue attracting that top talent as we grow. And we just love the area here. I mean it’s right down the street from the studio here. We can walk to hotels, restaurants, gyms, there’s even a brewery on-site essentially. So, it’ll be a lot of fun and create a really fun, collaborative environment for our employees.”

As it grows, Calero MDSL has differentiated itself from competitors in a couple of ways. “I think it’s two things really,” said Bliss. “One is our investment in technology innovation. So we talked about the people that we’re looking for – bringing them in from a computer science, software development background – but all sorts of other areas as well in driving innovation. But secondly, and most importantly, is investing in our people. Not just bringing in new top-notch talent, but developing the people that we have so that we drive better results for our customers. And when you have that mix of solid people and happy customers, you’re going to grow. And that’s exactly what we’ve experienced.”

The need for the services provided by Calero MDSL are global, but Rochester was the natural choice for its growth strategy. “We have deep roots here,” noted Bliss. “We were founded here in 2013 from a combination of firms that actually were here much longer before 2013. And even though we’ve got offices, a couple of them in the U.S., in Scotland, in England, Netherlands – Hong Kong even – this is a great place for us to grow for a few reasons. We talked about the technology talent that’s burgeoning here in the area. But also the City, the County, the State, Greater Rochester Enterprise, have all been great partners. And so the talent pool and the fact that we have roots here, it was just a no brainer to make sure that we continue growing this office, and it will be our largest operating center going forward.”

Calero MDSL expects to occupy its new space in Rochester by May. For more information about the company and its job openings, visit the Calero website.

For more information about Greater Rochester Enterprise, visit the GRE website.

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