Alstom moves to new facility with growth in mind


HENRIETTA, N.Y. — Alstom, an international leader in sustainable mobile technology, recently moved its local team into the Riverwood Tech Campus in Henrietta.

Scott Sherin, the local Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, discussed the move and the company’s forward view Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation.

“The move is really about two things,” said Sherin. “It’s about growth and it’s about talent. We’re seeing tremendous growth in our industry. So Alstom is really fortunate to be one of the global leaders in mobility. We’re focused on rail, but we’re also in other areas as well. And we’re seeing dramatic growth across the U.S., Canada, and globally. The team in Rochester is focused on the signaling and control systems that ensure that tens of millions of people per day move safely on those systems. In order to meet that growth, we really have an issue with capacity. How do we have enough people to deliver all the projects that we’re working on? So today we have more than 75 projects across the U.S. and major cities, as well as around the world. In order to be better able to attract the talent, retain the talent, and give them the tools they need, we really needed a new refreshed facility, and the Riverwood Tech Campus gives us that.”

Sherin said the company is actively looking to hire new and experienced engineers. To learn more, visit the Alstom website.

Alstom is headquartered in France, but maintaining a local presence in Rochester was an easy decision. “Rochester is home,” explained Sherin. “We’ve been here continuously operating through our predecessor company, General Railway Signaling since 1904. It’s not really known, but GRS was one of the original DOW 30 companies. And we’ve had the benefit of growing. We have third and fourth generation employees that are still with us. We have families with multiple siblings working for us. And we’re deeply ingrained in the community, whether it be through the Alstom Signaling Foundation or sponsorships we do with robotics clubs. We’re just part of the fabric here. And one of the really unique things about Rochester is it’s actually one of three core technology centers for railway signaling in the country. So you have Rochester, you have Pittsburgh, and you have North Florida. And it’s not really known, but there’s a really strong base of talent here and we’re committed to staying here for the long term.”

Sherin said Alstom has a lot of really good macro trends working for it presently. “If you look at urbanization, more and more people are moving to cities, there’s more congestion. They need mass transportation and they need mobility. You look at some of the announcements recently by the airlines – Delta, for example, came out and talked about being carbon neutral – there’s more and more recognition that inner-city travel and high-speed travel is more carbon-friendly, is greener than air traffic. So we’re seeing huge growth and demand – more globally than in the U.S., but starting to see some demand in the U.S. for that as well. So we have these macro trends that are really behind us and driving growth. And because of that, there are opportunities happening, again, across the U.S., across Canada, and globally for us.”

Alstom is in the process of acquiring Bombardier in a multi-billion dollar transaction. In addition, we asked Sherin about the future of high-speed rail. Click the link below.

For more information about Greater Rochester Enterprise, visit their website.

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