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WNY Golf Tip: Save your slice

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If you’ve ever swung a golf club you’ve probably hit a slice. 

It’s one of the most common flaws in any golfers swing but Zach Halvonik from Bristol Harbor has a something to keep in mind to help save your slice.

“For most golfers its a flaw in their club path on the way back. Taking the club too far inside on the back swing and then going over the top is what produces the slice,” says the PGA Head Pro.

To fix it, Halvonik suggests putting a simple plow stick in the ground. 

“Draw an imaginary line between the tee, and about two feet back. From there the stick should be about 6 inches from your back foot and set up as you normally would. That will give you enough space to swing over the stick and then back underneath.”

That’s the key. First over. Then under.

Use the stick for practice swings on the range when warming up says Halvonik.

“It’s more of a mindset and thought process during the swing.”

But the swing path is just half the battle when it comes to fixing the slice.

“It’s not just the club path its the club face combined with the club path. So halfway down we’re going to make sure the club face is turned slightly to the ground,” added Halvonik.

“An open club face is going to produce a slice. At impact you want the face square or even slightly closed which is going to produce a little bit of a draw for you.”

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