Tip of the Week: Saving your slice

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It’s the problem most golfers have: the dreaded slice.

Paul Sanders can fix that. He’s the Director of Instruction at Ridgemont Country Club. The problem is the path of the club heading to impact.

“The path of the club (is)… what we consider to be an over the top swing,” Sanders says. “Instead of the club dropping down over, what we call the slot, it could be throwing the club over the top.”

Getting loose or, at least, playing loose can make a difference.

“If we’re going to fix that position, our main goal is to be playful. Get rid of the tension,” Sanders says. “Get your arms to soften through your shoulders so we can get the club to do a bit more dropping instead just of a rotary turn with the body.”

Sanders wants a player to bring the club down into the “slot” with their hands, instead of just letting the shoulders dominate the swing which often leads to a slice swing.

“What we’re trying to do is get more softness in the shoulders and allow the hands and arms to work more vertically. When it works vertically down, now the club is to the inside of the target line. Now, I can actually bring the club more from inside to outside.”

And hopefully, keep the ball straight.

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