It’s almost time to put the golf clubs away in Rochester.

However, getting ready for next year means putting them away properly.

“You don’t want them in a cold garage. You don’t want them in the basement next to your furnace,” says Big Oak Driving Range and Golf Shop teaching pro John Rose. “That change in temperature can easily break down the epoxy that holds the head to the golf club.”

Rose demonstrates how easily the glue can turn to dust if the clubs are not stored in a neutral temperature environment. He also says you should clean the clubs before storing them and not just the heads.

“Take the grips, wipe them down with warm water and soap,” he says. “It’ll get the oils from your skin off of them and it’ll actually allow your grips to last a little bit longer.”

He adds this is something most players should be doing throughout the season after every two or three rounds.

Ideally, you should be taking swings every other week throughout the winter. They don’t have to be in the cold. There are plenty of indoor simulators around Rochester.

It really gives you true life of what it’s like to hit a golf ball–the same distances,” Rose says. “You can create different wind conditions. We can put you on either the range or a number of different golf courses.”

The simulators are much more affordable than most think. At Big Oak, it costs $50 per hour to rent a simulator. That cost can be split among a group. Big Oak also has simulator leagues. They run in seven week sessions to lessen the need for a long term commitment.

You can still get lessons from area pros throughout the winter. Many will offer a discounted rate and most will still teach you even when the weather gets way worse than it’s been lately.

“If you want to go outside, I’m going outside with you,” Rose says. “If you have the desire to learn, we have the desire to teach you.”

At home the best thing to keep in shape is stretching. Rose is a huge proponent of stretching for a number of reasons. Anything that keeps the core moving and loose is helpful.

It also never hurts to keep the short game clubs handy.

“I keep my putter out, have little putting contests with the family on commercial breaks,” Rose says Anything you can do to keep a club in your hand, to work on your grip, to keep the feel of playing golf even when it’s snowing outside.”

That’s advice no Rochester golfer will have any problem following.