What is WeatheRate and how do they determine which station is most accurate?


In case you missed it: News 8 has once again certified the Most Accurate Forecasters in Rochester by WeatheRate.

It’s the ninth time in ten years and the second year in a row that News 8 has received the honor. Click here to read more about that.

So what is WeatheRate and how do they determine which forecasters are most accurate? WeatheRate is a company that verifies the accuracy of TV weather forecasts based on a cumulative score. 

Scores are calculated based on variables including high and low temperature, sky cover, precipitation (rain, snow, ice, sleet), snow accumulation, wind, severe weather, and fog. The meteorologist forecasts these variables out to 5 time periods (tomorrow, tomorrow night, day 2, day 3, day 4.)

Every correct forecast variable for each time period gets a score of “zero.” That’s good! Think of it like golf: the lower the score, the better.

The first time period is weighted more heavily than the “day 4” forecast time period. 

Scores are tallied daily, and the weather team with the lowest score at the end of the competition period, which is March 1 through February 28th (or 29th), wins the WeatheRate certification of being the most accurate weather team in that particular television market.

WeatheRate has been rating local newscasts’ forecasts for a decade.

WeatheRate’s website

We spoke with WeatheRate President Bruce Fixman to learn more about what they do. Hit play to see that interview:

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