ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — It’s almost time for skiing and snowboarding season to get underway, but first, we still need a little bit more snow on the ground.

There may not be much snow to be seen here in Rochester quite yet, but local ski resorts such as Bristol Mountain are now just starting to make snow for the upcoming winter season. 

Just a few nights ago it finally got cold enough for Bristol Mountain to begin their snow-making operations as they gear up for another season of winter activities. Now that temperatures are starting to drop below freezing more frequently, Vice President at Bristol Mountain Steven Fuller says that this is the time of year they’re trying to capture any snow-making opportunities that they can. 

“…early season right now usually we’re just kind of chasing those lower temperatures and usually we’re kind of limited to what we can do on the mountain sometimes just based on where those low temperatures are,” Steven says.

This time of year temperatures can be extremely variable and have a huge impact on how much snow they can make and when. 

“…so, we made snow last Monday night. It was actually cold enough at the top of the mountain to make snow for them to make snow down here yet but looks like this Friday Saturday Sunday we’ll be able to go from the top to the bottom, so we’re really excited for that.” 

A few new additions you’ll find this season are improvements to trails, new lights, groomers, and a new experience center centered around beginners. 

“It’s a building that’s located just for them. It’s over by the beginner’s area. It’ll house all of our equipment rentals; we’ll do our lessons out of that area as well,” Steven says.

Steven says they always try to shoot for Thanksgiving as an official opening date, but it all depends on how much snow they can make and how much help they get from Mother Nature along the way. 

“As the weather gets colder, we start to see some flurries in the air, the phones pick up and people come in to pick up their season products and it’s a lot of great faces you haven’t seen since last winter so it’s nice to get reacquainted with everyone,” Steven says. 

Bristol Mountain hasn’t had an opening date in the month of November for a couple of years now, so they’re hoping the weather will cooperate so they can get things up and running real soon.

Did you know?: About a foot of snow when you groom it packs down to about an inch, so you really need a decent amount of snow made to get things started.