Orionid Meteor Shower peaking this week…

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It’s been a great month for looking up at the sky, and this week will keep the train rolling. The annual Orionid Meteor Shower will peak early this week, offering spectators up to 10-15 meteors an hour. Remember, those rates are at peak and under ideal conditions, meaning zero moonlight and the observer getting completely away from city lights. You can handle the latter, but the moonlight issue can’t be fixed. I’d figure on a handful an hour to play it safe.

The infamous Halley’s Comet is the source of this shower. The best times for viewing will be between midnight and an hour before sunrise Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning (October 21st-23rd). Look toward the southeast sky.

Monday morning and Monday night might be best around Rochester as we’ll be fighting clouds and rain Tuesday morning and to a lesser extent Wednesday morning. Happy viewing!

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