ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — After some areas of eastern Kentucky received more than 10 inches of rain last week causing historic flooding, clean-up is underway. Boots are on the ground from all over the country, and according to the Red Cross as many as ten volunteers are from our area. One of them is Deb Thompson, she’s been managing one of the shelters for people who have lost everything.

“Things are getting worse, everytime they have a storm hit it’s a little bit worse than the storm they had before. This one was, they didn’t even see the water coming,” said Thompson.

This area is no stranger to flooding either, with another devastating flood happening just the year before. Thomspon said that some of the people who are coming into her shelter had just finished recovering before losing nearly everything again. Regardless of everything hope still remains through the little things.

“I was talking to a client his family had a photo album that got washed away and somebody found it and they dried out the pictures and put it on facebook, and sure enough it got back to them and something small like that the tears of joy you know your memories,” said Thompson.

If you want to donate to the Red Cross’ relief efforts in Kentucky you can donate via their website.