Radar isn’t quite as kicking this afternoon as compared to the last few days, a sign our upper level low is starting to pull away. Still, a few showers will dot WNY’s landscape into the evening before fizzing out after dark. Temperatures will settle into the 60s tonight as we start to head toward a drier Friday and Saturday.

Eyes to the sky tonight if we’re able to clear some of this cloud cover out of the picture. The Northern Lights could sparkle as far south as the NY/PA border. Find a place with a clean view northward and away from city lights after dark tonight. You never know, you might just get a treat!

Our Friday end our week on a warmer note with partial sunshine and highs climbing into the middle 80s. Can’t rule out an isolated shower or storm, but overall rain chances are lower tomorrow. Our weekend starts hot with Saturday highs around 90 degrees. Sunday drops into the middle 80s as scattered showers and storms return to the region, particularly later in the day. This should the door to another several day stretch of enhanced rain rain chances that will carry us into the early part of next week.

~ News 8 Weather Team