It’s a new week. Just not so much new weather. Mostly cloudy skies will carry us into our Monday evening and night as a weak cold front approaches from the west. For much of the night, we’ll keep the forecast dry as temperatures trickle toward either side of 40 degrees. We expect scattered showers to arrive by morning, falling in an airmass likely too warm to support anything but chilly raindrops. That’s not to say there can’t be a sleet pellet or wet snowflakes somewhere (initially), but certainly no route to any impact to roads aside from being wet.

Scattered showers will linger off/on Tuesday into early Wednesday. Rain won’t be heavy nor widespread but it will preclude any shot for sunshine in the short term. With temperatures in the afternoon remaining in the 40s for the next few days, there is no accumulating snow in the immediate forecast. So far, this feels very much like where we were this time last year where winter took some time to get going.

We’ll keep an eye on an area of low pressure set to track into the region Friday. Models are struggling this the evolution at this time, so there remain multiple paths and outcomes still on the table.

~ News 8 Weather Team