Winter is fast approaching, and many of you are itching to get out and enjoy all the activities winter has to offer. But with COVID-19 hovering over the upcoming season, doing things outside of sledding or building a snowman in your backyard, may look a bit different this year.

Suzanne Male is the marketing director over at Swain Ski Resort where they’ve been busy sorting through new protocols that include capacity limitations, cleaning, social distancing and even wardrobe. Speaking of actively skiing, signs do indeed point toward this ski season being particularly active.

David Fabris is the general manager of The Ski Company in Henrietta and they’ve also been busy with preparations. The excitement for outdoor winter sports likely came with Governor Andrew Cuomo giving the green light stating, “Ski Resorts will be allowed to reopen with limited indoor capacity, which will allow New Yorkers to have some outdoor activity this winter without having to quarantine when they come back.”

Other specific guidelines such as social distancing between parties, restricting lifts to the same party, having resorts open at 50% capacity with 25% capacity on the mountain during peak days, and of course, wearing a mask at all times will be enforced.  

 So will this season look different? Yes, but different could still get you out on the slopes in the midst of a pandemic.

*It’s important to keep in mind that all of these guidelines are still very much subject to change as the status of the pandemic evolves in the upcoming days. Things may look different in one week, or even one month from now. So for the time being, we’ll be making the most with what we have as we roll with the punches this winter.*

~Meteorologist Christine Gregory