ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Today may have reminded us that winter is very much alive and well, but the consistent warm weather lately has been causing some of the flowers around town to start their early budding.

The ground is once again being covered by snow and ice in Rochester , but if you’ve looked closely over the past week or two, you may have noticed some early signs of spring starting or trying to blossom. Horticulture Team Leader At Cornell Cooperative Extension Marci Muller told me that this isn’t all that unusual to see this time of year.

“We’re used to having our winter weather fluctuate at some point during the season. Traditionally with the January thaw it can come at different times, and this happens to be a particularly warm winter in a La Nina year which means warmer weather and more rainfall than snow,” says Marci.  

Because of the warmth many flowers in the area have started to come out including Tiger lilies, magnolia trees, crocuses, and snowdrops.  

“It’s not unusual even to see in late April when the daffodils and the crocuses are actually flowering, and we get a snowfall and you will see those flowers covered in snow and those plants will continue to come back year after year,” says Marci.  

While today’s cold shouldn’t harm many of the early bloomers out there there is still the possibility of a killing frost even as we get closer to spring. 

 “…what might really affect us is with the fruit growers, the cherry trees and stone fruits that flower early. If those flowers get frosted or killed, then that would reduce fruit production for the year,” says Marci.

With half of February and all of March still left to go, we may still have to keep an eye out for any cold snaps that do arrive that could cause harm to any sensitive plants.