Summer is far from over in Western New York as heat and humidity ramp up

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Remember last week when we were talking about heading into a cooler pattern for the time being? Well, this time we’re talking heat, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

The incoming pattern as we head into the halfway point of summer looks warmer than average as temperatures climb well into the 80s for highs and 60s for overnight lows. This means the days will be hot and the nights will be mild, which will keep our air conditioners running on full blast in the coming days.

As we approach the weekend temperatures near 90° on Saturday will offer our first taste of summer’s return. As shown in the clip above, we may get some “relief” from the most intense heat as multiple weak waves pass through the region in the yellow and orange colors. This comes with better rain chances for some, but the ridge will be dominant in providing plenty of dry time in our forecast even into next week.

Friday, August 6th officially marks our halfway point between the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox with 47 days in between to split the two. We’ll be on day 47 of summer with 47 more days to go before we switch gears and start the fall season.

Despite the heat that’s only going to continue, our days are already getting shorter. Have you noticed?

Sunsets after 8:30 P.M. are already behind us, and in about 3 weeks time our sun will already be set by 8 P.M.

When are the warmest days of the year?

According to the new climate averages (1991-2020) we already past the point when we typically see our warmest temperatures, but the data is just what is says; climate averages. Remember that climate is what you expect, and weather is what you get. This means the day to day weather can do as it pleases in the short term despite the overall climatic average over a 30 year period, and it sure is keeping the warmth around as we continue through August.

To put it simply, we are right in the heart of the “Dog Days of Summer”.

Did you know? The phrase “Dog Days of Summer” comes from the ancient Romans and Greeks, and has little to do with the heat and humidity of the late summer months at its origin.

What is does have to do with is the star Sirius. This star is known as the “dog star”, and occupies the same region as the Sun from July 3rd to August 11th. It’s the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major during this time, and the constellation Sirius is a part of is said to be one of Orion’s hunting dogs. The brightness and position of this star in Canis Major is attributed to the time of year when it’s the warmest.

Contrary to that statement, the heat of late summer really comes from the tilt of the sun towards the Earth, and the seasonal lag in heat the Earth feels as a result.

More warmth on the way!

The heat we’ll feel in the coming days is something we haven’t seen in over a month! With 90 degree heat in our future, it will surely feel like the “dog days of summer” are truly among us.

The images below show temperatures in Celsius around 850 millibars (~5,000 feet) supporting the boost in warmth we’ll find towards the beginning of next week.

Are you ready for summer’s comeback?

~Meteorologist Christine Gregory

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