ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Western New York can see some pretty wild weather during the month of March. From high winds to large temperature swings, this month never fails to excite and surprise. As far as March 2021 goes, we’ve seen both of those things. Plus, we’re ending the month on a mild and very dry note. How dry and how mild? Let’s look at some of the “unofficial” final numbers:

The total accumulated precipitation took us just over 1 whole inch at ~1.02 inches for the month. That is less than half of what March typically provides for us. Each time it did rain or snow over Rochester, less than a tenth of an inch of precip was recorded for the first 23 days of the month with the majority falling towards the tail end of March.

The month was also incredibly mild with almost a 5 degree departure above average standards. The highest temperature Rochester saw was 73 degrees that we saw towards the end of the month. and the lowest temperature of 11 degrees at the beginning of the month.

For perspective, here are some “month of March records.” Notice the warmest and driest years of March below.

Based on present numbers, March of 2021 in Rochester falls within the top 10 driest AND top 10 least “snowy” on record with 1.4 inches of total snow recorded. The snowiest March in Rochester was in 1900 with a whopping 54 inches of snow, and the least snowy was in 2010 with just a trace. That just goes to show how changeable the month of March can be.


Early March warmth helped the production of maple syrup get an early start:

2 daily high temperature records broken in a row:

Dry weather created concern for brush burning and wildfire risk:

Mild conditions affected winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding in a positive way:

In typical March fashion, strong winds produced scattered power outages across the region, and was the only wind event we saw throughout the entire month:

Wild weather and strong thunderstorms brought interesting cloud formations to Rochester:

April Sneak Peak

One thing is for sure as we kick off the very first day of April, things are going to feel more like winter than spring around here. There may even be a few flakes in the forecast to contend with, which is NOT an April Fool’s Day joke.

The one month outlook for April according to the Climate Prediction Center shows higher confidence in above average temperatures for pretty much everyone across the United States except parts of Oregon and Washington. For those looking forward to more warmth, this may end up being good news for you.

~Meteorologist Christine Gregory