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In the clip above I show you science in action: how you can create a boiling effect using a Hand Boiler. You can pick these up at amazon, or find them at other various local stores.

How does it work?

Back in 1787, a scientist named Jacques Charles discovered that while keeping a constant pressure, the absolute temperature of a gas is proportional to the volume of that same gas.

As the temperature of the gas goes up, the volume of the gas goes up too. After placing your hand directly underneath the bottom of the glass it heats up, causing the gas to expand and displace the colored liquid inside. This slowly creates a boiling effect, and you don’t even need a microwave or stove to do it! Check it out in the video above.

This went on to be known as Charles’s Law. Pick one of these fun science toys out and try it out yourself!

~Meteorologist Christine Gregory