WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The United Way’s annual Day of Caring took place today, and for the first time in its 36 years it took place not just in Monroe county, but also across 5 of our surrounding counties on the same day. Meteorologist Christine Gregory went to just one of the countless efforts to clean-up and “beautify” the community this afternoon. Let’s take a look.   

The spring clean-up and camp preparation that took place at the Webster YMCA today was just one of the efforts being made across multiple counties and communities for the United Way’s Day of Caring. From weeding and mulching the entire perimeter of the building, to getting outdoor furniture out and camp shelters opened, about 100 volunteers with 5 different groups from Monroe county came together to participate.

Laura Fasano, Branch Executive at Bay View Family YMCA says, “The snow melts, the sun comes out and camp is gonna start on June 27th and everything needs to be ready to go.” 

Laura helped organize the volunteer’s efforts to get the area ready for the season.

“We needed a lot of outdoor help we’re very short staffed, and in order to do all the outdoor work and open up the camp shelters we have about 100 volunteers here from Paychex, Xerox, Kodak, and Wegmans,” Laura says.

Laura says that because they’ve been so short staffed, that without all the help from these volunteers they would just not be ready in time for the season’s activities and is something that means a lot to her.

 “We’ve lost a lot of staff and the only way to do it is with these folks, and I can actually breathe easier now that at least coming into the Y and all the furniture has been moved outside we’re ready to go,” Laura says.

The Day of Caring is much more than just making the community look pretty. It’s about showing up for the area’s nonprofits to help them better serve the community with just a little kindness shown to those around us, and a little care for the world that we all share.