ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The new Whole Foods in Brighton has been open for about five months now, and the build-up to its opening was a largely discussed topic.

Traffic concerns has been one of the main conversations when it comes to the new Whole Foods. Now that it’s been open since April, we’re checking in to see if those concerns are still there.

“After the first day of the grand opening, we really paired back the number of police officers,” Brighton Police Chief David Catholdi says. “We just didn’t need them. The traffic took care of itself.”

There were some concerns about the ease of traffic and safety. In a statement sent from Wegmans in April of this year, they say in part quote;

“The plaza was never zoned for this size development and the traffic issues have been our concern from day one.”

Chief Catholdi tells us traffic is flowing smoothly in that section of Monroe Ave.

“Strictly from a law enforcement point of view, we have not seen an increase in accidents,” Chief Catholdi says.

According to statistics from the Chief, there were nine accidents on Monroe Ave from April to September of this year.

“I pulled the data for the same timeframe as last year, and there were 9 accidents,” he says. “So we have not seen any increase in accidents that would give me pause.”

Customers we spoke with tells us they haven’t seen any safety concerns, but rather concerns with accessibility.

“I think it’s definitely a positive thing to have Whole Foods here,” Whole Foods customer David Ayzenberg says. “I just think the only thing that’s a little bit of an inconvenience is just how it’s very congested over here.”

Ayzenberg says his main frustration with the congestion isn’t really with the store.

“I just think the whole setup is a little bit odd as far as where the traffic lights are and the intersection,” he says.

Chief Catholdi says the traffic lights along that stretch of Monroe Ave. have a smart technology built into them, and they are check regularly to make sure that traffic continues to run smoothly.