Rochester breaks century long rainfall record as flooding lingers for some local creeks


ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — No matter where you live in Rochester (or Western New York) everybody saw the rain yesterday in some shape or form. But in natural fashion, some places got way more rain than others.

Rochester broke a 149-year-old record for daily rainfall on Tuesday with a total of 1.81 inches of rain, but we’re not the only ones who saw a soaking. Typically, any widespread, steady rain will cause local creeks and streams to rise naturally, if not flood.

Honeoye Creek near Honeoye Falls, being one of those places in particular, is still under a flood warning as of Tuesday evening for areas of northern Ontario and southern Monroe counties.

Shelby Pribanich, a hostess at Flahtery’s in Honeoye Falls has worked there for a year and a half and says she’s used to the creek around here rising and occasionally flooding, but hasn’t seen the water rise into the restaurant property like this before. 

“Not that often, I know especially over in our parking lot like that does not happen very often. I know our owner said that the last time this happened was a couple years ago if I remember right.”

It never takes much for creeks and streams to turn into raging rivers. Remember to always take proper precautions when driving through flooded roadways, and when approaching fast running streams.  It only takes 6 inches of moving flood water to knock over a person, and about a foot of water to sweep away most cars. One of my favorite phrases to help remember what to do is a risky flooding situation is “turn around don’t drown!”

~Meteorologist Christine Gregory

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