LIVONIA, N.Y. (WROC-TV) — A team from the National Weather Service in Buffalo completed a storm survey in Livingston county on Friday morning confirming that a downburst caused widespread damage after severe storms pushed through the region on Thursday afternoon.

The surveyed damage path stretched from Geneseo to Livonia, with peak winds during the downburst estimated to be near 100 mph. Clean-up from the system is expected to take days to weeks, but National Grid and Rochester Gas and Electric are confident most should have power back by Friday night. You can read the full report on the downburst from NWS Buffalo here.

For many across this area, the storms brought a reminder of the great community they’re all a part of. The Livonia Town Clerk, Hayley Anderson was blown away by how fast not only town crews got to work but also everyday people from Livonia and surrounding areas lent a hand.

“When I left the village roads were impassable about an hour and a half later you come through and there were people from all over different towns with their trucks their chainsaws,” said Anderson.

Anderson further said the town was working to collect brush and debris as fast as possible but noted time was going to be needed due to the sheer volume of trees that came down across the town.

For those in search of help from the state, Andrew Brodell, the Director of the Livingston County Office of Emergency Management, said certain thresholds for damage need to be met not just in the county but also across the state in order for aid to be mobilized by New York State. He was not able to comment if those thresholds would be met as there as more work has to be done before a determination can be made.