ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Strong to damaging wind gusts are possible Saturday as a massive storm system moves into the Great Lakes. Rochester will be on the south side of this storm and could bear the brunt of strong winds as the cold front passes overhead.


6 A.M. SATURDAY: Winds howl out of the south with gusts 30-40 mph. Temperatures will be well into the 40s. Expect passing rain showers around.

NOON SATURDAY: The cold front moves through from west to east. Winds veer and turn from a southerly flow to a more westerly flow. This is the time where a strong burst of wind could happen with gusts exceeding 55 mph with a corridor of concern from Buffalo and Erie County through Rochester and Monroe County. The window of time will be just a few hours for this peak wind gust.

6 P.M. SATURDAY: The storm system will accelerate northward into Canada and the winds quickly die down. Any evening activities will feature cold, but no wind. We still need to watch for a few isolated outages that arise from the earlier wind.


High winds will be strongest from Buffalo to Rochester along the Niagara Frontier, but keep in mind everyone will see winds gust near 40 mph at a minimum so tie down those decorations. Despite the short duration of the peak winds in the early afternoon, a few power outages, and the off chance of a downed old/weak tree remain on the table. We’ll be walking right up to the damaging wind threshold with this one, again only for a brief time before winds fall back to the 20-30 mph range.

In addition to the wind, we’ll also have to deal with two bursts of heavy rain. One early Saturday, near 3-4 am, and then the second near noon coupled with the strongest winds. Visibility on the roads during these periods will be an issue as the combination of wind and heavy rain will make travel a nuisance! Flooding is unlikely, but be wary of pooling on the roads as that is still possible at times especially if drains are still clogged with leaves.