WEBSTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The concern for backyard fireworks shows is growing as June ends on a dry note.

In Rochester specifically, the city, as of Wednesday, is over an inch short on rainfall.

Despite New York State prohibiting the use or sale of anything more than small ground-based fireworks, these still pose a risk with dry grass and vegetation becoming common sights around the region. Local fire departments urge people to use caution when setting off fireworks.

“Make sure that you’re going to an open area, make sure that fireworks are never aimed at anything flammable, keep away from houses, trees, people, or anything that’s going to catch on fire, and keep water handy,” said Sarah Mossey of the Webster Volunteer Fire Department.

Mossey also urged using common sense when setting off fireworks, reminding everyone the last thing you want is the fire department showing up to your party.

One final piece of advice from the department to combat the dry vegetation is to make sure you wet the ground around where you’ll be lighting off fireworks.