EAST ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) — Late Thursday afternoon on Route 104 Westbound in Webster, News 8 was on the scene as roughly seven cars were scattered across the roadway, putting traffic at a standstill. Doug McAvoy with Camelot Auto Service in East Rochester says in weather like this — take it slow. 

“And stay away from everybody. Okay? Don’t tailgate. Don’t let anyone tailgate on you. Get away from them,” he said.

He said it’s something we see all too often on winter roadways. People following too close, someone hits their brakes, and then multiple vehicles are impacted. McAvoy says before you leave, check and double-check. 

“Make sure all your lights are working. Make sure all your wipers are in good condition. You have to be able to see and they have to be able to see you,” he said.

Also between October and April, McAvoy says to consider snow tires. “They are a softer rubber, it’s got a special tread design,” he said, adding you have to take them off for spring and summer. Your car will not pass inspection, and the tires are not suited for hot July roadways.

He also says to consider a winter emergency kit in your car. Do it now before you need it. 

“It had a sleeping bag in there, it had boots, it had a shovel, I have a flashlight, I have fresh batteries for the flashlight, energy bars, water, and kitty litter.”

Kitty litter and sand he said can give your car that extra tread if caught in the snow. Sprinkle it around the tires stuck and use it to (hopefully) get moving.