The Bills have been no strangers to wild weather following them around this season. To that end, this weekend’s forecast in Chicago should be fitting. Bitterly cold air spilling into Chicago on the backside of a significant winter storm will make for a brutally cold forecast at Soldier Field Saturday afternoon. Snow won’t be in the air. In fact, there will likely be some sunshine. But that won’t matter. Cold is the headline. Kickoff temperatures will be around 10 degrees at best, more likely upper single digits. Winds will continue to be moderately strong, gusting to 40 mph at times out of the west. That’ll be enough to keep wind chills at or below -10 degrees for the duration of this game.

It will be a challenge for players to stay warm & loose, the latter of which becoming increasingly important as late season injuries mount. Consider the alternative, however. If this were a home game, I can’t imagine there would be any way it could have been played at Orchard Park as our blizzard continues.