A look back at Rochester’s past Thanksgivings: Let’s just say they weren’t always this mild…

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The weather of Thanksgiving’s past have certainly been “up and down” over the years. With November being such a rollercoaster of a month in terms of precipitation type and rain, there’s almost no telling what each year could hold. Plus, the data resulting from all of our previous Thanksgivings supports that fact without a shadow of a doubt.

Did you know? Thanksgiving falls on a different day every year, but it’s always on the fourth Thursday in November.

Thanksgiving Stats

The average high temperature on Thanksgiving is 44℉ and the low averages 30℉.

Our hottest and coldest Thanksgivings on record occurred well outside of one another, with the warmest occurring in 1896 with a high of 69℉, and the coldest being just 2 years ago in 2018, with a low temperature of just 7℉!

Check out the almanac data for Rochester on Thanksgiving from 2015 to 2019 below:

Almanac data courtesy: National Weather Service

You can tell just how all over the place temperatures can be just by looking at the past 5 years; the high temperatures ranging from 19℉ to 61℉, and the low 7℉ to 44℉. Click HERE for a more detailed list of data dating back over the past 40 years.

How often do we get snow on Thanksgiving? Over the past 40 years or so from 1980 to 2019, you have about a coin flip’s chance at seeing snow.

The coldest Thanksgiving temperature on record is in fact included within this list of the past 5 years occurring back in 2018, that day being included within a particularly chilly month overall standing at 4.1℉ below the average temperature for the month.

Thanksgiving Forecast:

This year’s Thanksgiving will definitely be a mild one for the books. Our forecast high as of Wednesday evening remains at 59℉, which is still 10 degrees away from the record high. Even though this year won’t be record breaking, it will be one of the more mild ones for sure. How long as it been since we’ve seen a Thanksgiving with temperatures like this?

According to almanac data from the National Weather Service, it’s been approximately 5 years since we’ve been close to this mild on Thanksgiving. Back in 2015 was the last time we saw temperatures around 60 with a high of 61℉.

You won’t be needing the heavy winter gear this year, but perhaps a light rain jacket will work just fine. For a more detailed look at your Thanksgiving and beyond forecast, click HERE.

~Meteorologist Christine Gregory

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