WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — Thanks to a special Sunday workday, the Senate is one step closer to passing a massive infrastructure bill.

The bill faces yet another key vote Sunday before a final vote.

“It could go quicker, but it’s going and that’s the good thing,” Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La, said.

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Cassidy, who helped negotiate the $1.2 trillion deal said, he’s optimistic it will make it across the finish line by Tuesday, with some Republicans on board.

“We’ve had about 17 that have indicated they’re going to vote yes,” Cassidy said.

On the Senate floor Sunday, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman pushed back against his Republican colleagues who argue the plan will add billions to the federal deficit.

“I think it’s time for us to come together,” Portman said. “It’s good for the country. It builds our core infrastructure, it doesn’t raise taxes on the American people, it’ll grow the economy, it’ll lead to more tax revenue coming in. And yet, it includes responsible pay-fors.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says Republicans have until the end of the day to propose additional changes to the legislation.

“I hope they will cooperate, so we can move more quickly otherwise, we will proceed by the book and finish the bill,” Schumer said.

Schumer says the Senate will remain in session for as long as it takes to get the bill passed.

“We’ll keep proceeding until we get this bill done,” Schumer said.