Mayor Lovely Warren unveiled a new web page as a part of city development efforts on Monday.

The city says the goal of the new web page is to “help transform vacant real estate parcels into productive, job-producing development sites.” The city currently has several pieces of land available for development, and Mayor Warren hopes that providing developers with an up-to-date list of available land, as well as all information they would need to develop that land, will encourage growth and create a more vibrant Rochester.

“This new web page is a great tool for developers to find prospective sites here in Rochester,” the mayor said. “We hope to see these project sites transformed into job-producing industries, bustling businesses, or commercial development that cultivates safer and more vibrant neighborhoods throughout the city.”

The web page provides an online tour of all available sites. It also lists the size of each parcel of land, its street level, all zoning information, and even suggestions on how that location could best be used. The page also provides each parcel’s appraised value, environmental reports, and aerial photographs of the site.

The city also provides site users with information on nearby planned developments when looking at a specific site. Links to the City’s mapping and tax accounting pages and contact information for follow-up questions are also included.

This web page is part of the city’s continued goal to increase development of attractions within the city, including new housing, restaurants, and retail spaces. The unveiling comes shortly after the announcement that the Cadillac Hotel will be receiving a makeover into a fully-functioning hotel and bar.