Kyle Williams makes an appearance at Bills training camp


The Bills defense features every starter from last year — except one.

Kyle Williams retired in December after 13 season with the Bills, but he couldn’t be away from his old team for long.

When Kyle Williams showed up to Bills training camp, his former teammates were thrilled to see an old friend. Rookie Ed Oliver never played with #95. His first reaction was a little different.

“For me it was kind of like…. I just want to know everything, I just want to know everything,” said Ed Oliver.

Williams was invited back to help out his old team. He’s excited about seeing Ed Oliver on Sundays and can see Oliver’s skills already.

“Ed is explosive, a great athlete, a powerful guy. Just trying to figure out how to implement those into his base game play and then how to accentuate those on what he can learn, what he can see,” said Williams.

It’s common for football players to quickly drop weight after their careers are over. Kyle Williams says he’s down 25 pounds simply from not being in the gym.

He knew he made the right choice about stepping away then and has no regrets about it now.

“I would never have made the decision I made if I weren’t ready, and I weren’t ready for after what was to come, so I’m happy where I’m at. I’m happy that I’m here to help these guys out and watch the new generation of guys,” said Williams.

Throughout practice on Tuesday, Williams coached up Oliver and the rest of the defensive line. He still loves football, he still loves the Bills, and he considers it a blessing to help out.

“I want to try to hand these guys the keys to being better, maximize what they have, teach them about what I did, what I think will help them and literally help any way I can,” said Williams.

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