Fairport, Schroeder girls volleyball bring home state titles

Both programs first ever state championships

Sibley’s Toyland returns

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Sibley's Toyland in Rochester returned Friday, December 8, for the holiday season.

‘There is hope:’ Family reacts to breakthrough in …

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A major breakthrough in sickle cell treatment — a disease that can cause a lifetime of severe pain and lead to organ failure.


Four-year-old victim of gun violence honored at Amerks …

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Friday evening, a special honor for a courageous four-year-old boy who nearly lost his life in Rochester.


Gates-Chili School District grows it’s Electric Bus …

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In 2020 the Gates-Chili school district first started to work towards electrifying their bus fleet, now at the end of 2023 they’ve already been running two electric buses for over a year, with three more set to enter service in 2024 according to the districts transportation director Matt Helmbold.

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