ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Video games are often played in the comfort of one’s basement, but what if you could enjoy your favorite game from nearly anywhere?

One Gates man has made that a reality, creating a video gaming truck that comes right to you.  

“1st Player Video Game Truck is a 24-foot, enclosed mobile trailer that I bring to your home,” said James Bunn, the Owner and Operator of the company.

“We have games ranging from Playstation, Xbox, Virtual Reality, Nintendo, Sega Genesis for my adult crowd, Switch, Super Nintendo… there are over 250 games that kids have total access to the whole library.”

From the outside, it’s a cool-looking trailer, but on the inside, it’s everything a gamer wants and more. The trailer walls are decked out with the most popular video game characters, there are glow-in-the-dark lights, and gaming controls that allow around 20 people to play at a time. 

Bunn said the idea for the truck first came to him in 2019 while he was hanging out with his son. 

“One day I was sitting down with my son and he says, ‘Dad, what if we can get paid playing video games?’ and I said, ‘Son, what if we can get paid letting other people play video games?’ Bunn said.

In the weeks following, Bunn did his homework. He contacted other gaming trucks across the U.S., learned about the ins and outs of the business, and then right before the pandemic, he purchased a trailer. 

“April of last year, we opened for business and here we are,” Bunn said.

Working with his wife and son, the family has now been to roughly 400 events. They attend birthday parties, graduations, rec-centers and community events, bringing joy to both children and adults. 

“It brings us together,” says Shemeka Bunn, James’ wife and co-owner of the company. “Just going through different ideas, and him (James) coming up with ideas, and us talking about it, and then just being together with other families also has changed our family.”

The company even has a laser tag option for those who want to play outside. Shemeka said it’s fun to see how excited the kids get.

“They see us and they’re almost home,” Shemeka said. “So it’s something to do, but they’re enjoying it and we’re enjoying it with them, so I think in a positive way it has affected the kids.” 

“They’re jumping around, they want to know what’s inside,” Bunn said. “They are knocking on the door, they walk in, it’s glowing, their favorite game is playing, they’re like ‘Oh my gosh,’ or I have new systems that they may not have had the chance to play and it’s just wonderful.” 

The truck is also climate-controlled, with both air conditioning and a heater, allowing it to be used year-round. Anywhere from 14 to 20 people can be inside at a time.

If you want to learn more about the video game truck, click here.