ROCHESTER, N.Y (WROC) — A gaming bar and lounge in East Rochester, called PlayerzZone, hosted a special benefit event for veterans over the weekend.

PlayerzZone hosted Charitable Impact Gamers, a non-profit group that ran their sixth “gaming marathon,” this time to benefit the Veterans Outreach Center.

They raised almost almost $8,000 at a previous event and wanted to surpass that number for the VOC.

“The VOC actually reached out to us, and said that they had a contact at PlayerzZone, and we’d think it would be a good fit for you guys, and we sat down with Steve and they’re 100% veteran-owned, and we’re helping the VOC, an to stream live video games from.” Patrick Gallagher, from Charitable Impact Gamers said.

The even was also livestreamed on the platform “Twitch.”