ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Over the past few months, every corner of our community has been finding ways to support those struggling during the ongoing war in Ukraine. Now, a local artist is doing her part by creating sunflower prints, and almost all the proceeds are heading overseas.

Laura Wilder is a prominent artist in the Rochester area, and over the past few days, all she and her husband Bob have been doing is printing, signing, stapling, and packaging.

“When Russia Attacked Ukraine, Bob came to me and said, “Hey, let’s do a fundraiser to help Ukrainians in Crisis.” So, I said, ‘Great, so what kind of art?’” Wilder asked.

Wilder worked with a photographer to design a sunflower​ print, a symbol she said is growing in popularity.

“Since this terrible war has begun, I think they’ve become kind of a global symbol of solidarity for Ukraine,” Wilder said.

As of Thursday, the pair already raised over $12,800 and they were only six days into the effort.

“The orders are still flying in. We are just amazed and a little overwhelmed because we are a teeny tiny business,” Wilder said.

The business is taking on much of the financial burden to execute this fundraiser, making no profit at all. However, Wilder said in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.

“If we take a little financial hit, it’s nothing compared to what these poor people are going through in Ukraine, and their neighbors,” Wilder said. “I mean, so many people in this terrible crisis, you know, people being murdered and having to flee their homes with nothing, and not having a place to go. I mean, that just makes me feel like I can give up a lot. I’m so privileged, you know we are not giving up much at all to be able to help a little bit.”

Wilder’s husband and business partner Bob Thompson said giving back is a part of their mission.

“Through the years, we’ve always looked to give back. And this is probably an ideal situation to give back. We don’t have rockets flying in our windows. So just that alone makes us a really blessed household. And I thought that it was important that we kind of spread the thought that you should give back. And fortunately, our customers have done just that,” Thompson said.

Wilder said the support she has received in less than a week is encouraging her to keep going.

“The last few years, our country has been so troubled. The world has been so troubled. And our faith in humanity has taken a little hit I think in the last few years, but this is really restoring my faith and just helping me see all the good that’s out there. I think there’s so much more love out there than there is hate,” Wilder said.

The prints are available for sale until May 15th. If you would like to purchase a print to help the cause, you can do so by visiting