ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Two local 14-year-old girls are using their talent to raise money for those in Ukraine.

Eighth graders Kennedy Grabowski and Sarah Pashchuk have raised $1,400 so far by making hundreds of blue and yellow bracelets.

They are donating the money to the local missionary, Guardians of Hope, who has been making trips to Ukraine to serve food and medical supplies to citizens.

Roman Bosak, a volunteer with Guardians of Hope, says their group can feed a Ukrainian person for more than a week for just $15. Meaning, these girls are feeding close to 100 people.

“That’s huge. That’s just literally life-changing, because these people cannot get food,” Bosak said.

On Monday, Guardians of Hope recognized Sarah and Kennedy for bringing hope to the hopeless and being so inspiring to others in the Rochester community.

“God is good. He has definitely blessed me in being able to help people,” Kennedy said. “Just being able to help is a really big difference, and it totally changes the way you think and the way you act.”

Sarah adds she has family in Ukraine, which makes this effort even more special. Her family has been finding ways to donate their time and money however they can.

“It’s going to a good cause and we actually know what’s happening,” Sarah said. “My dad is Ukrainian, my mom is from Poland, and in the city where my mom grew up in, there’s a family that took in 43 refugees, mom and kids, from Ukraine, and they were doing pretty well but they started needing more money for food and other supplies.”

Sarah and Kennedy weren’t really close before making bracelets, but did attend the same church. Bosak said when he heard about what they were doing, he wanted to share it with others.

“The fact that something in their heart sparked to be able to do this, to change a life for somebody, this is massive. This is huge,” Bosak said. “These ladies are changing lives and they are only 14.”

He hopes that their efforts can inspire others to take action, no matter their age.

If you would like to support Guardians of Hope, you can do so by clicking here.