ROCHESTER, N.Y (WROC) — If you would like to donate money to aid the people of Ukraine, a local production company has teamed up with The Ukrainian Culture Center in Webster to create a faster and easier way through social media. 

Simply snap a picture of yourself on Instagram or Snapchat, then through certain filters, a link is embedded to connect you with the charity RocMaidan.

The next time you want to send a selfie to friends on Instagram or Snapchat, you can make a difference for the people of Ukraine at the same time. After a partnership between Optic Sky and RocMaidan opened a new channel to donate faster than ever.  

RocMaidan IT Specialist Dennis Pavlyuk still has family fighting over in Ukraine, while others became refugees fleeing to Poland. Seeing how they don’t quit defending their homeland motivated him to become a part of this project.  

“I recently watched a segment which introduced two EMTs in Irpin and Bucha just freeing people and not having proper communications to find those injured civilians,” Pavlyuk told us. “That motivated me to collect money because some of the money we spend goes to two-way radios.”  

Once you pull up your Snapchat or Instagram, how it works is you type RocMaidan in the search bar. Once the lens pops up, you can take a picture, and a link to donate will appear at the bottom of the screen. Then you and anyone else you send that photo to can donate by clicking the link.  

“There’s a couple of ways to open the filter,” Optic Sky Emerging Tech. Developer Emily Haldeman said. “One way is through a snap code. Or a link to it. You can also find it organically if someone shares it, there’s a link to try the filter yourself. Also, on Instagram by going to RocMaidan’s page there’s a tab for this on there.”  

“It’s the idea that Ukraine will last and exist,” Pavlyuk added. “Another version we see on Social Media is “Everything will be Ukraine”. It shows that we stand with Ukraine, and we stand with the idea of Ukraine.” 

All proceeds will be sent to the charity branch of the Ukrainian Culture Center. They aim to spend it on buying medical supplies to send out to parts of the country facing a humanitarian crisis.  

“Purchasing technical medical supplies for Ukraine that includes I-fax, individual first aid kits, ambulances, diapers, and so on,” Pavlyuk said. 

This charity work is not limited to the Greater Rochester Area, anyone around the world you snap these links to can donate. The money is processed through PayPal so there is a service fee.