ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Stay up to date on the latest headlines in today’s Sunrise Smart Start on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

Viewers have reported multiple measurements of a foot or more, prompting some to break out an extended measuring tool of “Chodaks.” Early indications show that there is a “high likelihood” that the January 17th record of snowfall, which has stood since the 1950s.

So, what are some of the biggest snowfalls to hit Rochester? Thanks to the National Weather Service, we have a number of ways to look at the snowfall.

Biggest snowfalls per day, by month:

  • 23″ – January 3rd, 1996
  • 18.4″ – February 14th, 1960
  • 22.3″ – March 4th, 1999
  • 10.4″ – April 4th, 1990
  • 10.7″ – May 7th, 1989
  • 2.6″ – October 31st, 1996
  • 11.9″ – November 15th, 1995
  • 18.0″ – December 25, 1978

Skies slowly clear Tuesday night, only to make way for the next storm system Wednesday.

Deepening low pressure in the Great Lakes moves just to the north and drops a few inches Wednesday morning into the afternoon.

Long COVID-19 is when symptoms persist a month or more after catching the virus. 

Lisa Locaputo lives in East Rochester and she was infected with COVID in February of 2021. 

“I wasn’t being cavalier at that time. But we did go out, my friend and I went out,” Locaputo said. We went for brunch, we went to Wegmans, went to the gay bar, we went to junk food, we went everywhere. So I honestly cannot tell you how I got it. But it hit me hard.”

For six months, Locaputo and her friend experienced fatigue. She described being “shocked” that by 6 p.m., she wanted to go to bed. She also hasn’t gotten her taste and smell back completely. 

Locaputo, who is fully vaccinated, is one of millions of Americans still feeling the effects of COVID. In fact, new studies estimate long COVID could be causing 1.6 million Americans to miss work. Meanwhile, one in seven kids are estimated to experience long-haul symptoms.

Lesho said it’s important people know that long COVID doesn’t just occur in people with severe cases of COVID. 

“Anybody can get this, even after a mild infection,” Lesho said. “In some studies in other countries, and in the United States, over half of the people that had COVID had some type of prolonged ‘long COVID symptoms’ even though their infection was relatively mild.”

New York State Police officials say a Canandaigua man succumbed to his injuries after being struck by a vehicle while walking through an intersection near the Town of Hopewell.

Authorities say deputies responded to the intersection on County Road near State Route 5 on Sunday around 7:30 p.m. for the report of a pedestrian struck.

State Police officials confirmed 42-year-old Rauly Pesante-Davila died from his injuries at a local hospital on Monday. An investigation is currently ongoing.

The noted Civil Rights leader was instrumental in the changing of U.S. policies that often demoralized, and ostracized black people in the country. Dr. King would have 93 years old today.

Reverend Dr. Dwight Fowler of the United Christian Ministries says things like drugs and guns are hurting the Black community, particularly young people.

Fowler also excoriated the closure of the Carlson MetroCenter YMCA location, calling the exact type of closure that leads to a loss of community, and a healthy outlet for young people.

“I think the plenty fullness of weapons and people who may be oppressed, may be depressed,” he said “Our mental hygiene of cases, history, has proven that I think all of those things are reasons why we have been having so much violence in the city of Rochester. January the sixth at the Capitol, it’s not just Rochester. It’s a national issue.”

“Rochester, New York, needs to come together collaborate. On the educational level, the city school district level, on the municipal level as pertains to the county as well as of city hall so that we’ll be able to move forward in a manner that will enable Rochester to thrive in thrust.”

Light snow continues in the very early hours of Tuesday morning. Below freezing temperatures will keep the piles of snow on the ground until the end of the month but road usability today will be dramatically improved.

Wednesday: Snow and rain showers will come down in and around the Rochester area with temperatures sitting in the 15s. The snow won’t cause much of an issue for many but a wind system will cause some hassle.