Sunrise Smart Start: Tuesday, January 11

Sunrise Smart Start

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Stay up to date on the latest headlines in today’s Sunrise Smart Start on Tuesday, January 11, 2022.

The district announced all but 22 schools would return for in-person instruction Wednesday, with the remaining remote schools to return for in-person by January 18).

“After several meetings and reviewing the data, we have decided to continue with remote learning Tuesday and Wednesday we will be able to have some schools return to in person learning,” said Superintendent Lesli Myers Small.

The Rochester Teachers Union President, Adam Urbanski, previously voiced his support for the district to go temporarily remote for up to two weeks.

“Any decision that was going to be made, there was always going be some disagreement,” Mysers Small said “Our scholars need to be back in school. Our goal is to get all schools back up to full in-class learning by January 18th.”

Officials say the district will continue to support students and families during this transition with grab-and-go meals, technological supporter, and vaccination clinics.

The family of Makyia Artis says she was picked up by the Living Waters Childcare van service, brought to the daycare center on Norton Street, and left inside the van until dismissal nine hours later.

The van monitor, they said, forgot Artis was there, and did not follow sign-in protocol, so she was marked absent for the day. About 9 hours later, Artis was found in the back seat of the van.

Her family said she was evaluated for potential hypothermia, but was ultimately uninjured.

“Nine hours in the cold on a bus in 18 degree weather snowing all day long,” Artis’ grandmother, Brenda Powell, said. So she just slept balled up in a ball on a cold leather seat for nine hours.”

Powell said the family was considering getting a lawyer. The Rochester Police Department said Monday it was investigating the incident, and could not comment on an open investigation.

The report pulls data from the first full week of December 2021, up until January 1 2022. Across the state, hospitalizations in children 18-and-under increased from 70 to 571 cases, in that time frame.

“Among children under five, and too little to get vaccinated, no vaccine approved for this age group, it’s gone up nearly eightfold,” said Dr. Mary Bassett during a NYS COVID-19 briefing Friday.

But the report also acknowledges the increase is largely due to children being admitted “for both COVID-19 and other reasons.

Here’s a quick look at the breakdown of data: From Early December 2021 to January 1 2022, the number of children admitted for just COVID alone jumped up by 290 cases.

About 30% of children admitted are just COVID, at most, Dr. Cook says.

“Something like 10% of kids are in [for something else] and found to be with COVID, i.e kid comes in from skiing breaking their ankle, gets tested and swabbed for COVID and he’s positive,” he said.

Wind gusts have reached up to 30 miles per-hour. Not only blowing this band of lake effect snow at high speeds making it hard to see out on these roads, but also keeping the temperature below freezing.

At full staff, Irondequoit could have 22 snowplow and salt trucks out on the roads. When coming across one, drivers are asked to slow down at least 10 miles under the speed limit and give 200 feet of distance to allow crews to do their jobs safely. 

“Give yourself additional time to get to wherever you have to be and give our plow drivers the space they need to do their job,” Magee said.

If you do have to go out in these harsh weather conditions but your car spins out on the side of the road, Authorities advise you stay in your car and call for help to avoid putting yourself in any more danger.

According to county officials, Bello introduced legislation to create an “independent redistricting commission that puts the public interest ahead of party politics.”

“The Republican Majority’s redistricting process last year was deeply flawed. It lacked transparency,
and meaningful public input and did not provide adequate information about the proposed districts
to legislators or the public,” Bello said.

Bello says the vetoed plan also didn’t comply with Municipal Home Rule Law, which requires any local law to be reviewed by legislators for seven days before passage.

The county executive said the veto, and proposal for the commission, were sent to the legislature Monday.

Rochester had the coldest start to a day in eleven months Tuesday. Substantially frigid temperatures — way below freezing — call for appropriate clothing this morning as frostbite can begin 30 minutes after stepping outside today.

Wednesday will provide us with a more comfortable start to our morning with a completely different forecast. Mostly sunny with some cloud coverage. Thursday is our best chance at snow again.

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