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Rochester leaders speak out concerning deadly, violent weekend

Rochester is dealing with yet another violent weekend, with four shootings in 48 hours, two of which were fatal.

Monday afternoon, Rochester Police identified the victim in Sunday’s double-shooting as 23-year-old Dallas Cooper Jr. On Saturday, a 21-year-old was killed in a shooting near Harris Street and Avenue A. Also on Saturday, a 33-year-old was shot near Salina Street and Chili Avenue, and a 39-year-old was stabbed Saturday morning.

“This past weekend we saw a spat of shootings occur in our city, occurring at all hours of the day to include early afternoon. People like you and I out running errands, sitting on the porch, going to corner stores having to worry about dodging bullets from incidents they are not a part of,” said La’Ron Singletary, Candidate for Congress (NY-25) during a press event highlighting community organizations which aim to curb violence.

Deaths from this weekend bring the homicide rate in the city to 20 this year. That is on par, to-date, compared to last year’s data, according to the Rochester Police Data Portal.

On scene at Sunday’s fatal shooting, News 8 spoke with a teen witness who is also a shooting survivor twice over. His reaction to the violence drew strong emotions.

“In Rochester, Rochester is wrong, you feel me? Rochester is a disappointment, you feel me? Us kids now-a-days, we have to run around with guns because we’re afraid of dying,” 17-year-old Jakeim Donald said.

“I lost a lot of people in my life over this gun violence and all this gun stuff, you feel me? And I watched friends and family die in my face, get shot in my face, you feel me? And its just not right,” he added.

Local organizations, like Teen Empowerment, which work directly with Rochester’s youth providing employment opportunity and platforms to create change, have a direct message to community leaders, as well.

2 Rochester men hospitalized following stabbing on Alexander St.

Two city residents were hospitalized Monday evening after a double stabbing on Alexander Street.

Officers were called to the area of Alexander Street at Van Street around 9:17 p.m. According to police, a 48-year-old man and a 38-year-old man were cut at least once in their upper bodies.

Both victims were hospitalized with what police said were non-life threatening injuries.

No suspects are in custody. Anyone with more information is asked to call 911.

Food orders are required for alcohol to-go purchases, SLA says

Remember in 2020 when “Cuomo chips” appeared on restaurant menus and there were discussions about whether chicken wings actually qualified as food? The New York State Liquor Authority is trying to avoid Déjà vu in the wake of a new law on alcohol to-go services.

Alcohol to-go orders were included in the recently passed New York budget, but new guidance from the SLA says that patrons will be required to order “substantive” food in order to qualify for alcohol to-go services.

If that sounds familiar, it is. The guidance reflects similar restrictions put in place on alcohol to-go orders from the summer of 2020 when the service was allowed to help bars and restaurants during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, thanks to this new law, for the next three years bars and restaurants can sell to-go alcoholic beverages — as long as ”substantial” food is ordered as well.

Officials from the SLA held a special board meeting Monday to discuss the guidance update. They said this guidance could be revisited and altered in the future.

Another provision prohibits the sale of any bottles of liquor or fine (full guidance below).

In 2020, The governor’s office issued guidance on alcohol service that required a food order to go along with it. That emergency regulation expired last year and to-go alcohol orders were no longer allowed. Bars and restaurants statewide have since advocated for the policy to return, which became law with the passage of this year’s budget.

The policy was murky at first as to what constituted as “substantive food,” including some confusion over chicken wings, but bars and restaurants were quick to get creative with their menus in order to sustain alcohol sale.

Rochester Red Wings debut ‘Sensory Safe Suite’ for autistic baseball fans

The Rochester Red Wings debuted the team’s first-ever autism-safe suit ahead of it’s home opener against Buffalo on Tuesday.

It’s called the Sensory Safe Suite, and provides families with autistic members and local autistic baseball fans alike a chance to enjoy a ballgame in an environment build just for them.

Officials with the team say the room was made possible in collaboration with the Autism Council of Rochester. The safe space will serve as the first of its kind inside Frontier Field.

It was created with unique features in mind, some of which include a colored-pattern floor, built-in shading only available in this suite, an interactive gator for children to play with, a themed door exclusive to the room and an array of special seating such as yogibo bean bag chairs.

“We wanted this to be as comfortable and safe as it can be,” Red Wings General Manager Dan Mason said. “It is truly exciting to be able to bring families from the area the chance to enjoy baseball here, it’s a great opportunity for us.”

Prior to the pandemic, the team hosted an annual event driven by autism awareness. It featured lower volume levels throughout the stadium and a designated area for autistic spectators. While plans for its return have not been announced at this time, officials will continue to support this community.

The Rochester Red Wings have lost two and won one to start their season. They picked up their first victory of 2022 against the Toledo Mud Hens last week in a 6-3 thriller.

Weather forecast: Rain is out and sunshine takes over

Tuesday morning began with passing rain showers, but is expected to quickly turn into a beautiful day of sunshine and high temperatures. Wednesday follows suit with warm air and an average of 55 degrees.